What to Consider in Your Roof Installation

Tile RoofA new roof installation can be very exciting. After all, your roof is one of the first things people see when approaching your home. However, there are many roofing system solutions, so choosing the one that’s right for you can seem overwhelming. Consider these factors when choosing your roofing material.


Climate Conditions

When deciding what sort of material to use in your roof installation project, think about your local climate. High humidity, rainy climates will need a roofing material that can resist heavy moisture, while dry, arid climates should choose a material that can withstand dry weather without cracking or separating. Areas with extreme weather such as heavy storms and snow will need a roofing material that is durable under pressure.


Budget Planning

How much you wish to spend on your roof installation will be a deciding factor in the material you choose. Metal roofs are comparatively inexpensive but don’t last as long as their more pricey counterparts like tile or slate. Composition shingles are usually the most inexpensive choice but have the shortest lifespan, which could lead to more expenses down the road. When deciding on your roofing budget consider repair and replacement needs along with current pricing to get an accurate idea of what your potential roof may cost.


Maintenance Time

Some roofing systems require more care and attention than other types. Clay tile or slate roofing systems will require little to no maintenance but are usually the priciest solutions. Wood shakes are beautiful, but require a large amount of maintenance, as do composition shingles. Furthermore, maintenance can vary between materials. Some materials only require maintenance when repairs are needed while other choices require regular maintenance whether or not it has been damaged.


When planning your home’s roof installation in Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Roofing will help choose the perfect roofing system for you.