Local Roof Installation

No homeowner should ever take the choice for a new roof lightly. Varying materials provide their own perks that need thoughtful consideration, as new roofs are big expenditures. With a variety of perks, as well as costs, the type of roof material you choose should be determined after looking into all of your long-term intentions for the house. Aesthetic traits should also play a significant role in your choice, and if you plan to live there for a while, it is imperative to choose a style you will be glad to see every day! With years of expertise in the roof industry, Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection is happy to provide reliable roof installation in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas. When the time comes, contact us at 513-563-9988 to choose an updated roof for your home.

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Do You Need a New Roof?

A variety of roofing materials may make it difficult for the future homeowner to choose. The varieties of roofing materials an individual selects from each have their own points to consider.

Slate and Tile: These special categories of roofing shingles look better on select houses. Slate boasts a natural look, quality resilience to flames, plus the chance to last for many decades. Ceramic tiles may provide lasting protection for over 60 years, and additionally resist fire to an extreme degree. For slate, cons include the extreme knack crucial to put them on a house, and weight. Ceramic tiles only work for special weather zones and might shatter if they have to uphold too much weight.

Metal Roofs: In addition to extraordinary durability, metal roofs get installed with expedience due to the formulation of the product in sections pre-cut to regular sizes. Lightweight metal roofs also require nearly zero maintenance. Two downfalls for metal roofing involve a loss of reflectivity with the passage of years and the need for an exceptional roofer for installation.

Cedar Shingles and Wood Shakes: Cedar shingles and wood shakes have an eco-friendly nature and naturally handsome look. When comprised of found wood or compiled with care, these choices have no challengers when one considers the health of the planet. When you look at negatives, these materials must get recurrent attention and are somewhat pricey.

Professional Service You Can Rely On

The Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection professionals will guide you through each process, discussing each material’s advantages and downfalls, along with cost and performance to ensure your total satisfaction. We work hard to cultivate relationships with local suppliers to offer you only the best materials, and employ only trained and certified roofers to deliver outstanding service, every time. When you’re looking for experienced, skilled roofing service, the Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection roofing experts can help. Contact our roofing professionals today at 513-563-9988 to discuss all of the advantages of performing shingle roof installation in Cincinnati, OH, and whether it’s the most beneficial roofing solution for your home.