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When it comes to roof replacement in Cincinnati, we are the top choice. No one beat us in our quality of products and services. The installation of your new roof is extremely important as is the quality of the product being installed. We are very thorough and precise when it comes to installation. As a matter of fact we always go above and beyond when it comes to roofing installation. Our extra attention to detail is what makes us the number one roofing company for Cincinnati roof replacements.

Cincinnati Roof Installation Process

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Shingle Roofs Will Last Around 20 Years.

Our roofers are fully¬†insured and we offer lifetime shingles with a 10 year labor warranty. Because the installation process is so important in ensuring a long life for your roof, we build our roofs beyond even the necessary codes. It is recommended that most shingles be installed by hammering four roofing nails to the decking for proper installation. We go even further than the recommendation and install 6 nails to every shingle which brings your roof up to code for hurricane force winds. Adding the two extra nails adds an additional 10 m.p.h. wind rating. Although we don’t have hurricanes here in Ohio, we do suffer severe wind damage from the thunderstorms we experience.

Some of the roofing types we specialize in are the following:

The Extra Steps of Roof Replacement

Roofer Hammering Shingles

Choosing Shingles On Your Roof Is a Great Option For Dependability.

At Cincinnati Gutters and Roof Protection we believe in ensuring every component of your roof is properly installed. Our team also installs ice and water shields to all your valleys and gutter lines. Weather Locking and waterproofing products resist roof deck damage. These products act as a protective layer between your roof deck and shingles. The installation package also includes gutter apron, drip edge, step flashing and chimney flashing. If you have any questions about a roof replacement on your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your satisfaction is our number one goal. From beginning to end we always treat our projects with care and the attention to detail that sets us apart. That’s what makes us the number one for roof replacement in Cincinnati.