Storm Damage

Best Cincinnati Contractor for Storm Repairs

Picture of lightning strikeAfter bad weather strikes it is important to have your home assessed for damages. Cincinnati storm damage can be crippling, but we are here to help. In Ohio we are no stranger to inclement weather. From spring storms to winter blizzards, we experience many of the extremes of weather. Often the storms that roll through take their toll on your roof and home. If you have suffered storm damage, it is important to take care of any repairs immediately. The longer repairs go unattended the more severe the damages will become.

Storm Damage Signs

If a severe storm has recently passed through your area, there are a few key signs you can look for around your property to assess if you have sustained any damages. Remember though, from the ground it is not always easy to tell if your roof has been damaged. It is always best to have a trained contractor take a look at your property. At Cincinnati Gutters and Roof Protection we are fully licensed and capable of handling your storm damage assessment. We give honest and fair inspections and we will help you work through the insurance claims process.

Storm damages can occur from wind, hail, torrential rain, flooding, heavy snowfall, tornadoes and more. The following are signs you can look for after a storm to determine if your roof is damaged:

  • Picture of damaged roofShingles on the ground
  • Visibly dented shingles
  • Debris collecting in your gutters
  • Dents on your vents, gutters and flashing
  • Leaks in your roof and/or ceiling

As the best contractors available we take storm damages seriously. When your roof is damaged it is crucial for you to have repairs performed in a timely manner. Further leaking can result in greater water damage to your entire home’s structure.

For roof repairs in Cincinnati there is no one you can trust more than our licensed roofers at Cincinnati Gutters and Roof Protection. We offer free estimates and will be happy to help you explore what options are available for your roof repairs.

Gutter and Siding Damages

Although your roof often suffers the most from storm damages and can be the hardest to assess, the gutters and siding on your home may also sustain damages after a storm. If your siding has been compromised it is important to have repairs performed immediately. Siding damages can result in destruction to your drywall and will compromise the integrity of your home.

Gutter damages should also be assessed quickly and repaired professionally. If your gutters are damaged they will not function properly which will lead to further damage to your property. Overflowing water from damaged gutters can lead to water pooling on your roof, damages to your foundation and the destruction of your landscaping.

For all your roof, gutter and siding repairs please contact the best contractor around. We have years of experience assessing and repairing storm damages and will be happy to share our expertise with you. When it comes to repairing Cincinnati storm damage, we have all your needs covered.