Vinyl Siding Installation

Picture of siding servicesAt Cincinnati Gutters and Roof Protection we offer the highest quality, state of the art vinyl siding installation. From beginning to end we carefully pay attention to every detail to ensure that your investment in vinyl siding is well protected. The installation process is crucial for your vinyl siding to maintain a long life and continue to look pleasing year after year.

Quality Siding Installation in Cincinnati

We are the leading experts in siding installation and believe in helping our customers better understand the vinyl siding installation process. During the siding installation process we will be nailing on the outside walls of your home. Therefore, before we arrive, it is important to remove any pictures or any items that may come loose, fall and possibly break.

Picture of rotting woodOnce our siding contractors have arrived they will begin with a thorough overview of the condition of your outside wood. If any of your wood is beginning to rot we can help make recommendations on replacement. This step is critically important, as the wood serves as the base for your vinyl siding installation. Our contractors are the best in the business and always take the time to ensure the beginning of the process is smooth and effective.

Vinyl Siding Benefits

Picture of the installation of vinyl sidingNot only does vinyl siding enhance your homes appearance, it also helps reduce energy costs. When we install Cincinnati vinyl siding a ¼” fan fold foam insulation board is installed behind the vinyl siding. The fan fold insulation serves two main purposes. The fan fold insulation allows the vinyl siding to lay straighter. The second benefit to installing the fan fold insulation is the resistance to heat flow in your home. The fan fold insulation will help lower the costs of your energy bill. Another added benefit to this insulation is that it eliminates noise from the outside of your home, offering you a quieter interior.

Picture of nail on vinyl sidingVinyl siding can expand almost 1/2 inch in length from winter to summer. That is an enormous change, and special precautions need to be taken to accommodate this. Our siding contractors understand this and take care to ensure proper nailing is performed on every project. Proper nailing of vinyl siding should leave the nail head sticking out by about 1/32″. This allows the siding to shift sideways from thermal expansion and contraction.

Picture of the corner of vinyl siding on a buildingThe final portion of your vinyl siding is a wrapping up of detailed components of the system. Our contractors install vinyl soffit at your roof overhang or eaves, underneath and behind your gutters and along the gables. Vinyl soffit is made of the same material as your vinyl siding and installs the same way. We also create custom bent aluminum on site to fit your gutter boards, rake boards, and window and door casing. Every detail is important in your vinyl siding installation.

Picture of vinyl sided homeThe end result of the installation of vinyl siding on your home is a great looking, low-maintenance home. You also will be sure to enjoy the added bonuses of cutting energy costs and making your home quieter. If you are interested in a vinyl siding installation in Cincinnati, give our experts a call at Cincinnati Gutter and Roof Protection.