Composite Roofs

Picture of home with shingle roofComposite roofs, a durable alternative to shingle roofing, can be installed by our expert roofers at Cincinnati Gutter and Roof Protection. Composite roofing is a type of shingle roofing, but it is comprised of slightly different materials. It is a durable roofing option that offers the appearance of more expensive roofing materials such as slate or wood.

Starting with the base layer, a composite shingle will often use fiberglass as the base as opposed to standard felt bases on most shingle roofing materials. This gives composite roofs a longer life span with higher durability than conventional shingle roofing. If fiberglass is not used, it is common for composite shingles to employ recycled material for the base and top layer. This contributes to the environmentally friendly aspect of composite roofing.

The top layer of a composite shingle is attached to the backing through a layer of asphalt, as with conventional shingle roofing. The top layer, however, is generally not made of the normal ceramic grains. Instead the top layer is often made of a thin layer of slate or wood. This distinction helps Cincinnati composite roofs stand out from other types of shingle roofing.

Cincinnati Composite Roof Installation & Repairs

If you are interested in increasing the aesthetic value of your home, your roof is the first place to begin. As an eye catching component of your home, your roof will determine a lot about the design value of your house. If you want to explore the option of composite roofing, please talk to the best roofing company around, Cincinnati Gutter and Roof Protection. We are committed to only the highest quality products and services. We can help you explore all the design options available in your area.

Composite shingle roofing is not only a beautiful asset to your home, it is also a durable and affordable roofing choice. With the inclement weather we often face in Ohio, it is important to have a roof you can trust over the head of you and your family. We are committed to providing you with a roof you will love and enjoy for many years to come.

For a free estimate, give us a call today. Remember, we are the number one choice for the installation, repairs and maintenance of Cincinnati composite roofs.