Metal Roof FAQs

Metal roofs have stayed one of the top roofing choices on the market for a while now. They last a long time, provide remarkable durability, and have the best possible fire rating (Class A). Though they tend to cost more, the money you save on repairs usually offsets that after not too long. To help you understand a little more about them, we’ve compiled a short list of FAQs:

picture of metal roof




Can they mess up my cell reception?

Not noticeably, no. While it could be possible that your reception might give out if it already doesn’t work well, people almost never notice a difference when it started out strong. You can also add a cell phone booster to your home if you end up being in the small minority who does see a difference.

Do they have a higher likelihood of getting struck by lightning?

No, having your roof comprised of metal material does not increase its risk of getting struck; only the roof’s height can affect that. However, even if your roof does get struck by lightning, rest assured that (unlike many other roof materials) metal roofs will not get lit ablaze.

Can I walk on them safely?

Yes, their high level of durability allows for foot traffic. However, walking on a roof remains a dangerous activity; always exercise caution when you do.


Hopefully this answered some of the questions about metal roofs you may have had. Here at Cincinnati Gutters and Roofing, we offer metal roof installation alongside a host of other roofing services. For more information, please call us up at (513) 563-9988.