Should You Install Seamless Gutters?

House with Aluminum Seamless GuttersThere are many types of gutter materials and styles you can have installed on your home. Seamless gutters are becoming a popular options for most homeowners. But how do they differ from the frequently-used sectional gutter systems? We’ll give you the run down on seamless gutters and their benefits.

Seamless gutters are made with with long lasting materials. The most popular material used is aluminum. Because seamless gutters are created from a single sheet of metal, aluminum is used due to easily forming into the correct shape. ┬áThe gutters are created right before being installed on your home too, so you’ll be getting a custom made system that fits perfectly to your home.

Without seams, the gutter system is completely uniform without spaces or cracks for debris to start collecting in. This makes it much easier to maintain your gutters. Cleaning out a seamless gutter system is a quicker process compared to gutters connected by seams. The seamless nature of the gutters also prevent blockages since there isn’t anywhere for debris to catch up and start accumulating.

Seamless gutters are not prone to leaks. Gutters that are installed with seams require a sealant in order to keep the section from leaking around the joints that hold the system together. This sealant does not last forever though. As it starts to wear away, the gutters can begin to leak and will require repairs to prevent damage to your siding and foundation.

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