When to repair your roof

damaged shingle roof

When can a roof be repaired instead of replaced? 

A brutal winter for most of the country has started wrapping up only to be followed by a wet spring. Once all that snow melted away, have you noticed some areas on your roof looking a little worn, like maybe you need some roof repair? Or do you need a complete roof replacement? 

There are some questions you need to ask yourself and talking to a professional roofing contract can give you some insight to which is better or needed, a roof repair vs roof replacement. Sometimes, a roof repair job is sufficient and sometimes, new roof replacement is necessary. 

So, why roof repair instead of a roof replacement? Well, for most of us that choose to get a roof repair instead is because of money. Not everyone has $5,000 or more sitting in the bank or available on credit cards. But then gathering $500 or less to make some minor roof repairs is possible, or at least easier to obtain. 

So how do you make the decision between getting a roof repair job done or pull the rope and get a new roof? Do you really need a new roof, or will a roof repair job suffice for now? There are a few different factors that will help make that decision:  

  • Moisture Damage or Water Damage – If you don’t know just how power water is, look at the Grand Canyon. The persistence of nature and flowing water carved that beauty. When it comes to roofs and the structure of you home, the end results are not so beautiful. When water seeps beneath roofing shingles, it will quickly find way inside your home. Then that is were really serious damage can occur to the structure of your home and your family’s health. Any indication that there is moisture inside the home, like brown spots or water stains on the ceiling, peeling paint, and worse of it all is mold, a roof repair job isn’t going to be sufficient. These are indications that you need a new roof installed, and the sooner the better.  
  • Disaster – If there has been a recent weather event like a high winds, a hurricane, or tornado, the is a chance your roof has suffered some extensive damage that isn’t visible to the untrained eye. This past winter was harsh for most of this country, and here in Ohio, the winters are fairly harsh every year. Have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof is a good idea. If a roof repair job will get you by, then great. If your roof has some questionable areas, it is better to know now and create a plan of action. 
  • Roof’s Age – A 5 year old roof  that is leaking is probably the results of poor workmanship or defective roofing materials. A 20 year old roof that is leak needs to be replaced. 
  • Roofing Materials – The type of roofing materials your home has can make a big decision on when it should be replaced.  A slate tile roof will last up to 80 years or longer. An asphalt shingled roof however, you’ll be lucky to make that 20 year mark, unless it is a high quality premium asphalt shingle, then with routine maintenance, you could get a 50 year lifespan. 
roof in good condition

Do you know how to fix a damaged roof or how to repair damaged roof shingles?  

Okay, money is tight, and you know there are few places that a roof repair is as simple as replacing some shingles, so you’re going to do your own roof repair job this time. Sadly, there isn’t any ready-make roof repair kit available at the home repair stores.  

However, if you aren’t afraid of heights and you have somebody to help you, small roof repairs like replacing shingles or flashing won’t take much, even for a novice DYI homeowner: 

  1. Slip a flat pry bar under the broken or damaged shingle and pop the roofing nails out then remove the shingle(s).
  2. Place a new shingle(s) where you removed the broken or damaged shingle and secure with roofing nails in the same manner the original shingle was installed.
  3. To fix cracked or curled roof shingle, a roof repair can be done with caulking and hold pressure on the area you’re flattening or repairing with a brick. 

Homeowner’s Insurance

Yes, you make monthly premium payments, and you want to get as much from your insurance company as possible, totally understandable However, will homeowners insurance cover roof repair? This is something that can vary from home to home, policy to policy and even company to company.  In general, most homeowner’s insurance policies have roof repair coverage insurance for damaged that was unpreventable. This type of  roof repair insurance is for damage caused by burglary, fire, hailstorm, high winds, tree limbs or trees falling, vandalism or other type of unpreventable accident. Call 513-563-9988 today for your roof repair in Cincinnati, OH.