Gutter Guards: Why You Need Them

roofer installing gutter guardsGutters and your roof form a perfect symbiotic relationship; the roof directs water to your gutters and your gutters keep water from pooling up and damaging your roof. You need to spend time maintaining both, but the work can get mitigated in certain ways. Here, we’ll tell you how to lessen the amount of gutter cleaning you’ll need to perform by up to 6 times! Just invest in some gutter guards.

Less Cleaning:

Your gutter guards prevent debris from blocking up your gutters and preventing water flow. They do this so well, in fact, that with them your gutters only require cleaning every 3 or 4 years. To put that into perspective, you should clean your gutters twice a year without them.

Prevent Rust:

Because so much water constantly runs down your gutters, when it pools behind clogs it causes them to rust. With gutter guards preventing these clogs, your roof will last much longer before the rust can set in.

Keep the Vermin Out:

Vermin and insects cause major damage to your roof and gutters when they infest them. However, without the clogged debris to make their home in, they won’t cause as much damage.


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