Is a Roof Cleaning Necessary?

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Cleaning a roof

What is roof cleaning?   As a homeowner, you take pride in your home and how it looks inside and out, right? You mow your lawn and rake the leaves, keep the shutters painted, and the snow cleared off the walkways.  What about roof cleaning? Oh, yeah, you clean the gutters twice a year too, but that’s not roof cleaning.

Not  be shocked we point that out, most homeowners don’t do the roof cleaning, or have it done either. It is important to clean the gutters, but roof cleaning is as important. By not having it done or doing it yourself, you’re setting up a scenario for costly damages later. Wait a minute, you’ve heard roof cleaning can damage a roof, so what’s the deal? Is a roof cleaning a good idea or not?

 Read on as we discuss the pros and cons of roof cleaning. We feel certain, that you’ll see what you should have your roof cleaning performed on your home at least once a year.

So, Is roof cleaning a good idea?

Yes, in fact, roof cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for you home as matter of maintenance. However, it is easy to forget to have it done, or to do yourself, it is dangerous and time consuming. What can roof cleaning do for your home?

  • Remove Algae, Lichens, Moss: Not only does this make your roof unattractive and degrades your home’s appearance, the algae, lichen, and moss are eating away at the shingles, shortening the lifespan of your roof. Algae, moss, and lichens harbor mold spores and fee mold growth. The negatives to your family’s health can be ongoing and for those with breathing issues, life threatening. Mold can cause various negative health consequences throughout your home. One thing that many homeowners do not realize, the algae, lichens, and moss are airborne and travel in the air to other homes.
  • Shingle Damage: Failure to have a roof cleaning service will leave the debris, leaves, and limbs on the roof to rot away. That rot is forming the algae, lichens, and moss we discussed above and can affect your roof with water damage and decrease the energy efficiency of your roof.  
  • Wood Rot: Algae and moss left on the roof, allowing ice dams to form and the water backing up under the singles or overflowing the gutters. All of this leads to wood rot to the decking under the shingles and to the fascia around the house.

Who does a roof cleaning?

In addition to roof cleaning, this should also include gutter cleaning. You can do either yourself, and we’ll discuss how NOT to do a roof cleaning, or you can hire a professional contractor that does roof cleaning and gutter cleaning.

Most roofing contractor companies offer gutter cleaning and roof cleaning as a part of their inspection service.  Having your roof inspected once or twice a year is recommended, and with a professional roofing contractor doing the job, they will know what to look for in the way of possible roof damage.

Siding and window contractors sometimes offer gutter and roof cleaning with their other services. Professionals recommend that you have a gutter and roof cleaning and inspection twice a year: once in the spring and again in the fall as the seasons are changing.

Is it okay to pressure wash a roof?

While the annual or bi-annual gutter and roof cleaning and inspection will do a lot for your home’s health, and prevent expensive and long-term issues, you do not want to have a hard or high pressure washing done.

Pressure washing can damage the shingles or tiles, loosening them and pushing them off the roof. Once a shingle or tile is missing, the roof is open to water damage to the substructure of the roof. Choose a company that uses a biodegradable solution and regular water pressure.

When should you clean your roof?

Generally, a professional roof cleaning every twelve months is as far apart as you should have this service performed, while twice a year is the most recommended.  Based on the area where you live, like a lot of trees, you should consider twice a year. Every twelve months, a professional roof cleaning contractor will have the chance to inspect your roof and catch any issues before they become expensive problems.

Can I clean my own roof?

There are homeowners that love nothing more than completing DIY projects around their home. From landscaping and painting to remodeling. So, when it comes to standard maintenance like roof cleaning, it is best left to the professionals.  Why?

Danger of Falls

Roof cleaning may seem easy from the ground, but once you’re up the ladder on that slick, wet surface, you may have different opinion. One-third of all construction fatalities is from falling off the roof.  Don’t be one of those fatalities!

Critters and Insects

There is a fairly good chance once you get up on that slick, wet roof, 20 feet or higher, you won’t be alone. The bees, hornets, and wasps have called your roof home for some time now  and you’ll an intruder. Other creatures like birds, squirrels, etc., may have nests built in the chimney, gutters, or vents. When you try to dodge and get away from an angry hornet, you may end up as one of the fall fatalities we mentioned above.


Will this be your first roof cleaning? How much do you know about roof cleaning process? Not only will and experienced roof cleaning contractor know How to do roof cleaning, they have the proper equipment too.

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If You’re Insistent On Doing Your Own Roof Cleaning

If this hasn’t convinced you to hire a professional roof cleaning service, What is the best roof cleaner that you can use?  We don’t believe in using harmful chemicals, so we offer the following homemade recipes:

  • 75% Sodium Hypochlorite and 25% Water – This mixture cleans hearty algae, lichen, and  moss without killing your landscaping or damaging your siding.
  • 50% Sodium Hypochlorite plus 50% Water – This mixture will clean those black streaks and light black algae safely but thoroughly.

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