What Type of Roof Shingles are Best?

What Type of Roof Shingles are Best?

Whether you are in need of shingle roofing repair or a roof replacement, it is important for you to consider the best materials for your home or property. In order to get a good idea of what to look for, please review the following recommended roof shingles to discover more.

  • Asphalt roof shingles. These shingles are incredibly popular across North America due to their affordability and integrity. There are many different brands of asphalt roof shingles, so please be sure to review your choices with your preferred roofing company.
  • Faux slate roofing shingles. These roofing materials look very similar to slate, but they cost far less. These shingles can be composed of different materials such as plastic and polymer, clay, rubber or asphalt, and more. Fake slate is more slippery than regular slate, which is important to consider, particularly as wear and tear are concerned. 
  • Metal roof shingles. These shingles come in different materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and alloys. Metal roofs come with the added advantage of increased longevity. 

In order to understand which roofing material will be best for your home or property, please be sure to consult with a proper roofing company. A good project manager will go over your options, budget, and repairs after a roof inspection to determine the best course of action.

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What is the Difference in Roof Shingles?

Are you wondering what the difference is in roof shingles? If so, it’s important to recognize that there certainly are answers. To begin with, the composition of your roof shingle will matter the most. Once you have settled on your preferred kind of roofing shingle, ranging from asphalt to metal, etc. you can then determine which type works on your roof. For example, there are many different types of asphalt shingles. The difference between three-tab asphalt shingles and architectural shingles is a matter of design and shape. For more details, please consult with your reputable, local roofing company.

What Roofs Last the Longest?

Are you wondering which roofing materials last the longest? If so, you will be pleased to know that the roofing materials that last the longest are concrete, clay, or slate tiles. These materials can greatly perform other roofing products such as wood shakes or manufactured roofing materials. However, it is realistic to consider that these roofs will be more expensive and may cost more to install. 

Are Black Roof Shingles a Bad Idea?

Black is a beautiful color and should be used in all manner of ways. Yet the question remains: are black roof shingles a bad idea? With roofs, it’s critical to think of solar reflectivity. The darker the roof, the more solar rays it will absorb. This means that with a black roof, the building will be much, much hotter in the summer. Black roofs also translate to a lower amount of energy efficiency due to the fact that air conditioning bills will be higher in the summer. With white or light-colored roofs, homeowners will have lower energy bills in the summer. Cool roofing options are highly recommended for property owners that live in hot or arid climates.

Which is Better Light or Dark Roof Shingles?

As previously alluded to, the darker your shingles are, the more they will absorb heat. Dark roof shingles will also absorb heat faster than light-colored roofing shingles. In areas of the country where there is cold weather, dark roofing shingles may not have a net-negative impact. This is because darker shingles will help melt off snow easier than light-colored roofing shingles. 

Where to Recycle Roof Shingles

One of the most responsible and honorable things that you can do is to recycle as many of your materials as possible. This initiative includes roofing shingles. Shingle recycling is actually available in most major markets in the United States. Shingle recycling is also available in some sites in Canada. 

Will Roof Shingles Burn

In truth, most asphalt shingles are Class A fire rated. That means that if there is a fire, they will withstand the external damage from the fire quite well. This is not the case if the fire occurs from inside of the property. As a matter of fact, if the fire starts inside the house and reaches the roof, then the shingles will burn in conjunction with the roof decking.

Can Roof Shingles Be Painted

While it is true that it may be possible to paint roof shingles, the better question is whether or not such paint will last for the long term. If the roof shingle color has already faded, then painting the shingles can make the home look better.

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Is Roof Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles have many wonderful advantages. Please be sure to schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor today.

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